Repository Changes

Today I decided to change the location of my Repository for KODI Popcorn Time. Why? Because I already published the second KODI Popcorn Time release candidate I decided to clean up project folder on Github. So I moved Repository and all releases to new project. In addition to this I... [Read More]

KODI Popcorn Time

When Popcorn Time released I was really impressed by its simplicity. You just open an app on your computer and watch all movies with the simple mouse click. Additionally it is powered by torrent P2P technology. What basically means that you watch what others are sharing on torrent sites, and... [Read More]

My First Blog

Why did I start my blog? I wanted some place where I can write about my projects so that other people can benefit from them. That is why I started to think about a blog. How did I chose my blogging platform First things first I needed something for free... [Read More]